What do we have inside of our cookie jar?Take a look!

  • The Sydalie

    A blend of the finest semi-sweet, milk-chocolate and butterscotch chips, along with Texas pecans.

  • The Dynamite

    This rich cocoa based gem explodes even more with additional semi and milk chocolate chips.

  • The Twist

    Grated dark chocolate, semi-sweet chips, a tad of milk chocolate, savory peanut butter chips and crushed pretzel twists.

  • The Idaho

    Savor some semi-sweet morsels, milk chocolate, broken toffee bits and of course crushed crinkle potato chips.

  • The Gilligan

    Semi sweet chocolate chips, butterscotch, some pecans….and naturally…. coconut! You won’t want to “skipper” these!

  • The Cocoa-Butter

    Rich gourmet cocoa, lots of butterscotch chips, additional semi-sweets and pecans. The Cocoa-Butter will take you away!

Don’t see a flavor you like? Call or email for custom flavors and prices.